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Pasta xpress

Pasta xpress

Pasta xpress

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Cook, Strain & Drain the most delicious pasta that even your Italian Grandmother would be proud of.
Everybody loves pasta, but nobody enjoys the pains of cooking it. From the troubles of awkwardly fitting spaghetti into the pot, to the tender agony of burning your hand trying to drain it.
Well, it’s finally time to fully enjoy perfect pasta - pain-free!

Meet the Pasta Xpress!
No more fiddling with stove top temperatures... The innovative tube uses thermal conductivity to keep your pasta cooking at the perfect temperature, ensuring ideal pasta - every time.
But it doesn’t only cook pasta… the Pasta Xpress is excellent for cooking nutritious peas, broccoli, asparagus, shrimp and more. Even hot dogs! All without boiling away all the precious vitamins and minerals they contain (ok...maybe not the hot dogs!).

The portable design means you can take it with you on camping trips, boating or in your RV. Enjoy your favorite foods outside of the kitchen.
Step 1. Place your pasta in the container and cover with boiling water. Then attach the self-securing strainer and pop on the thermal lid
Step 2. Your pasta will now be cooking at the perfect temperature, either watch in amazement or continue about your day. No stirring, sticking or burning!
Step 3. When ready, remove the thermal lid and effortlessly drain the water.
Step 4. There you go! Perfect pasta, hassle free! Tuck in with your favorite sauce, we love a zesty tomato sauce with freshly picked basil.
Step 5. Now it's everyone’s least favorite time. Washing up. But have no fear! The Pasta Xpress non-stick surface means no more of that sticky, hard to clean pasta residue. Simply pop it in the dishwasher and you’re done!

Take the pain of cooking pasta, and indulge in the pleasure of eating it by buying your Pasta Xpress today!
● Perfect pasta every time - The innovative tube uses thermal conductivity to keep your pasta cooking at the perfect temperature, ensuring flawless pasta - every time.
● Portable - Take it with you camping, on a boat or in your RV
● Locks In Nutrients - The [product name] won’t boil away all those precious vitamins and minerals, ensuring your food is as nutritious as possible
● Drains and Strains - The secure straining lid means no more burnt hands when straining your food
● Not found in stores

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